Young people showing resilience News story: Queen Mary establishes a Youth Resilience Research Unit
30 April 2020

Barts Charity has provided £2.7 million in funding over five years to establish a Youth Resilience Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London starting in March 2021.

New study reveals unexpected softness of bilayer graphene. Credit: Theasis/ News story: New study reveals unexpected softness of bilayer graphene
30 April 2020

Research from Queen Mary University of London has found that bilayer graphene is much softer than multi-layered graphite.

‘Magnetically responsive’ microscopic drug carrier News story: Researchers use magnetism to keep drugs at disease sites
29 April 2020

New research from Queen Mary University of London suggests that a novel magnetism-based drug delivery approach could help ensure drugs are not removed from where they are needed in the body.

Elderly woman receiving eye exam News story: Researchers uncover genetic cause behind glaucoma
28 April 2020

New research has identified a genetic mutation linked to a type of glaucoma, known as primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG), which could open up new avenues for the early detection and treatment of the disease.

Bilal Bin Saqib outside a hospital in London News story: Queen Mary alumnus provides thousands of free meals to key workers
28 April 2020

A Queen Mary alumnus has co-founded One Million Meals, a charitable initiative that is delivering free healthy meals to NHS staff, police officers and other frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis.

News story: Exploring the rule of law and international trade
27 April 2020

A new book written by an academic at Queen Mary University of London sheds new light on the principles of the rule of law in international trade and investment.

The image shows how fundamental constants of Nature set the fundamental lower limit for liquid viscosity. Image by News story: Scientists discover just how runny a liquid can be
24 April 2020

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and the Russian Academy of Sciences have found a limit to how runny a liquid can be. 

News story: Queen Mary research and expertise hitting the headlines
24 April 2020

As the coronavirus crisis continues to have a widespread effect on the UK, academic expertise and research at Queen Mary are playing an important part in public life.

A photograph of Dr Emily Lines, School of Geography News story: Queen Mary academic named as one of UKRI’s Future Leaders Fellows
23 April 2020

Dr Emily Lines from Queen Mary University of London has been named as one of UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellows for her work addressing the future of forests. The flagship scheme invests in outstanding individuals across the UK.

Osama Omrani News story: Final year Queen Mary medical students join front line teams at the Royal London Hospital
23 April 2020

Queen Mary medical student Osama Omrani  - along with a team of fellow final year students - brought forward his registration as a newly qualified doctor, enabling him to join front line NHS teams during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boy using phone. Credit: Rouzes/ News story: Researchers develop new guidance for the remote delivery of psychological therapy to children
21 April 2020

Psychologists from Queen Mary University of London have created a free online resource for mental health services now looking to deliver psychological therapy to children remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

OCD - Photo credit: PlusLexia News story: Antibodies could provide new treatment for OCD
21 April 2020

Mental health conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder could be treated in a new way using drugs that target the immune system, research suggests.

News story: Queen Mary to establish social-impact driven student consultancy programme
20 April 2020

Queen Mary University of London has been awarded £650,000 to establish a new, student-led, professional services organisation which will help local businesses.

News story: Restrictive healthcare policies are associated with delayed TB diagnosis and treatment
20 April 2020

The introduction of policies that restrict healthcare access for visitors and migrants not entitled to free NHS care may be associated with delays in diagnosis and treatment for patients with tuberculosis (TB) who were not born in the UK, according to a study led by researchers from Queen Mary University of London.

Cell screening of implant materials News story: Queen Mary secure new Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to support industry engagement
17 April 2020

Researchers from Queen Mary’s School of Engineering and Materials Science and the Institute of Dentistry have been awarded two new Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) to support innovation and knowledge transfer with industry partners.

NHS Nightingale Hospital London News story: Queen Mary and Barts Health launch Covid-19 research programme
17 April 2020

Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust, as part of their Barts Life Sciences initiative, have begun a new programme of Covid-19 research across Barts Health hospitals, including NHS Nightingale Hospital London.

Children living in poverty News story: Creative solutions needed to build social protection response to Covid-19 in developing countries according to new report
17 April 2020

An academic from Queen Mary University of London has co-authored a policy briefing, which sets out recommendations for combatting the economic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic in developing countries.

Talhah Atcha. Credit: QMSU News story: Queen Mary Students’ Union President resigns to join the NHS as a doctor
17 April 2020

The Students’ Union President at Queen Mary University of London has resigned from his post to work as a doctor for Barts Health NHS Trust during the coronavirus crisis.

News story: Queen Mary steps up to support its community through coronavirus
16 April 2020

As the country-wide effort to combat the impact of COVID-19 ramps up, Queen Mary staff and students are dedicating their time and energy to helping communities.

News story: Queen Mary experts address the challenges that await us post-coronavirus
14 April 2020

As the UK enters its fourth week in lockdown, uncertainty lingers over how long these restrictions will last – and whether some emergency measures will become fixtures.

Legal textbooks on a desk News story: New book explores the role of imagination in legal reasoning
9 April 2020

A new book authored by an academic from Queen Mary University of London is the first to offer an interdisciplinary approach on one of the most neglected dimensions of legal thought; imagination.

Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela (second from left) visits Queen Mary’s campus in Gozo. Credit: Clodagh O'Neill News story: Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela visits Queen Mary’s campus in Gozo as it supports the fight against coronavirus
9 April 2020

Queen Mary University of London’s medical school on the Maltese island of Gozo was visited by Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela as it helps in the fight against coronavirus in Malta by providing storage space for the administration of chemotherapy to cancer patients, beds for vulnerable patient care, space for staff and other critical support functions, such as the storage of sensitive medical equipment. 

Photograph of a landfill site News story: New study shows that current landfill regulations are insufficient
8 April 2020

A new study from Queen Mary University of London shows that flooding of historic coastal landfill sites by sea water could significantly increase the amount of soluble metals released to the marine environment. The findings have significance for coastal management policy and the way historic landfills are managed.

Dr John Connelly wearing the new 3D-printed visor News story: Queen Mary 3D-prints protective equipment for COVID-19 NHS workers
8 April 2020

The Queen Mary University of London community, including researchers, clinicians and support staff, have stepped in to assist the NHS with urgent requirements of personal protective equipment (PPE) to combat the outbreak of COVID-19.

News story: Meet the Queen Mary academics leading the debate on Covid-19 policy
6 April 2020

Our academics have expertise in a number of key areas relating to the coronavirus crisis, its implications, the strategy and its data. From social distancing to healthcare provisions, they have shared their analysis and advice.

A graphic depicting diverse people wearing face masks News story: Queen Mary research calls for an intersectional view of the coronavirus pandemic
2 April 2020

Queen Mary University of London's Global Policy Institute has published joint research with the University of Melbourne which argues that sex and gender analysis alone will not paint a full picture of the impact of coronavirus, and that an intersectional view of the outbreak considering different social categorisations is needed.

News story: Staff and students volunteer to protect their communities
1 April 2020

Staff and students from Queen Mary have stepped up to volunteer in efforts to support and protect their communities during the Covid-19 crisis.

Professor Charles Knight News story: Queen Mary professor to lead new NHS Nightingale Hospital
1 April 2020

Charles Knight, Professor of Cardiology at Queen Mary University of London and Consultant Cardiologist at Barts Health NHS Trust, has been announced as the Chief Executive of the new NHS Nightingale Hospital London.

A cigarette being smoked. Credit: iStock/Altayb News story: Screening of zebrafish identifies gene involved in human nicotine addiction
30 March 2020

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have shown that zebrafish can provide genetic clues to smoking, a complex human behaviour 

A Queen Mary award for community engagement News story: Queen Mary’s commitment to its community reaffirmed through partnership in the Civic University Network
27 March 2020

Queen Mary University of London’s status as a civic university, committed to supporting its local, national and international community, has been cemented today with founding partnership of a new national network.