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Queen Mary academic’s new book explores how to harness the power of creativity and innovation

A newly published book by Dr SMA Moin, Associate Professor in Marketing at Queen Mary University of London, offers an insightful interdisciplinary perspective on the concepts of creativity and innovation.

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Grounded in academic and applied research, ‘Creativity in the Imagination Age: Theories, Practice and Application’ discusses theories and models that can empower everyone - from academics and researchers to entrepreneurs and business leaders - to think more creatively and find innovative solutions to problems.

Creativity starts with imagination

Revealing how the fourth industrial revolution can put our creative minds into play with opportunities to solve problems and make meaning, Dr Moin’s fifth book invites us to debate how human and emerging technologies will write the next chapter of human history.  It covers philosophical approaches to creativity, the characteristics of creative teams and the components of individual creativity, as well as the role of imagination and associative thinking in fostering creativity and innovation.

The book critically addresses the seminal theories and literature of imagination, deciphering the principal thoughts and concepts from a philosophical perspective, taking you on a journey into the facets of imagination and unveiling its magical role to spark creativity. 

Discussing his latest book, Dr Moin said: "We are at the crossroads of the imagination age, that brings hopes to turn our fantasies into reality, by harnessing the power of our minds with science and technology. However, the big question remains: are we creating an inclusive world for all or new kinds of inequality?

"This book unveils the inextricable link between imagination, creativity and innovation; the culture of creative organisations that turns caterpillars into butterflies; and invites you to join the debate on how to respond to evolving opportunities, challenges, and ethical dilemmas while recommending a leadership model for creating an inclusive world for all."

The value of storytelling

In the new publication, Dr Moin argues that organisations must harness the power of these imaginative concepts if they are to survive and thrive. Reflecting on his studies of creative storytelling more generally, Dr Moin commented: "My research experience supports the academic theoretical views that stories inform, illuminate, persuade, energise, inspire and strike a chord with us, enabling us to pay attention and learn. 

"My study of creative storytelling has also helped me to discover my academic identity. My approach to teaching and learning has been changed by the literature I have explored, the theories I have learned, the tools and techniques I have experimented with. The spark of imagination wrapped within a compelling story can connect with your audience heart-to-heart and head-to-head, making them stand and applaud. Though we don’t need students’ applause in the classroom, we certainly need to touch their hearts to gain their attention and inspire them to learn.

"Passion is everything, and stories can help us trigger our passion! In the end, we will not just tell stories – we will also create stories for others to tell."

Dr Moin's book ‘Creativity in the Imagination Age: Theories, Practice and Application’ is published by Palgrave Macmillan and available to buy as an e-Book from Springer or in hard copy from Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Dr Moin teaches undergraduate and postgraduate modules at Queen Mary's School of Business and Management in the areas of strategic marketing and brand storytelling. Visit the Marketing Department website to find out more about our study programmes.

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