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School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Lubna Shaheen


Lecturer in Mathematics

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 7045
Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-315
Office Hours: Thursday: 10:00 ---12:00 pm, Friday : 10:00 --- 12:00 pm


Dr Lubna holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of York, UK.  She has held positions as Visiting Research Fellow at the University of York and Schlumberger Research Fellow at the Mathematical Institute- University of Oxford, UK.


In the institutions where I have worked, I have instructed classes and tutorials in a range of subjects, including


  • Introduction to Number Theory
  • Vector Calculus
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Representation theory
  • Semigroup Theory
  • Complex Analysis
  • Formal languages and Automata theory
  • Introduction to Model Theory
  • Calculus I/II
  • Multivariable Calculus/Differential Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Analysis I/II
  • Infinite Groups
  • Commutative Algebra
  • Engineering Mathematics Foundation and Undergraduate Level

Most recently, I have taught Statistics Modelling I (MTH520), Maths A (Sef040), Maths B (Sef041) and Essential Foundation (Sef026) Courses here at Queen Mary.


Research Interests:

My principal research interests involve mathematical problems that arise in ``axiomatisability questions in group and semi-group actions, and model-theoretic properties of certain structures, known as Zariski geometries, arising from number theory and algebraic geometry''.


  • 2010 Victoria Gould and Lubna Shaheen, ``Perfection for pomonoids'', Semigroup forum, 81, 1 (2010), 102-127   
    Weblink: varg1/postrefperfect.pdf
  • 2011 Victoria Gould and Lubna Shaheen, “Axiomatisability problems for S-posets”, Semigroup forum, 82, 2 (2011), 199-228.
  • 2012  Lubna Shaheen, “Axiomatisability problems for S-acts, revisited”, Semigroup forum, 85, 2 (2012), 337-360.
  • 2012  Victoria Gould, Miklos Hartmann and Lubna Shaheen, “On some finitary conditions arising from the axiomatisability of certain classes of monoid acts”, Communications in Algebra,  42, 2584-2602.
    Weblink: varg1/axiomatizability30072012.pdf

  • 2012  Alex Baily, Victoria Gould, Miklos Hartman and Lubna Shaheen, “A note on condition (A) for a monoid S”, Glasgow Mathematical Journal.        Weblink: varg1/A-note-on-covers19sept2012vs3.pdf 
  • 2011 (Thesis)  Lubna Shaheen ``Axiomatisability problems for S-acts and S-posets'', Thesis, Available online.

  • 2018 (Submitted) Lubna Shaheen and Boris Zilber, "Model theory and the geometry of representations of ring of integers'', Revised in 2018, submitted and Accepted to JSL.
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