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Student Spotlights - Postgraduate student internships

MSc Data Analytics student Muhammad Mustafa is currently a Data Analyst Intern with Spring Community Hub, an organisation in Southwark that provides a range of assistance for its community's needs.


Embarking on an internship journey as a Master's student in Data Analytics at Queen Mary University of London, I sought opportunities that bridge the gap between academic theories and real-world applications. My quest led me to an enriching experience at Spring Community Hub, a pivotal organization in Southwark providing comprehensive support, including food banks, welfare assistance, and various programs aimed at enhancing community well-being.

Who are Spring Community Hub and what do they do?

Spring Community Hub stands as a pillar of hope and assistance in Southwark, delivering a spectrum of services that address the community's diverse needs. Its food bank, operational five days a week, plays a critical role in alleviating food insecurity by providing essential food parcels to those in need, serving as a crucial resource for nourishment and support. Beyond addressing hunger, the Hub extends welfare assistance, aiding individuals in navigating the complexities of welfare benefits, and thus, facilitating access to crucial financial aid. Additionally, Spring Community Hub prioritizes mental health, offering programs that support individuals dealing with mental health challenges, and immigration and employment services, guiding community members toward stability and integration. These comprehensive efforts not only combat immediate challenges but also foster long-term well-being and social inclusion.

How did you find the internship?

Finding this internship was a result of actively participating in events, workshops, and sessions organized by the School of Mathematical Sciences and the Careers Office. These platforms were instrumental in refining my commercial awareness and understanding the myriad of roles that complimented my academic pursuits and career aspirations. Securing this internship was a direct outcome of my active engagement in a variety of events, workshops, and sessions hosted by the School of Mathematical Sciences and the Careers Office. True to the adage "when the student is ready, the master appears," my readiness and proactive involvement led the Careers Office to introduce me to the volunteering opportunity at Spring Community Hub. This role was in perfect harmony with my studies and professional ambitions, marking a pivotal moment in my career journey.

What have you learnt so far?

During my onboarding at Spring Community Hub, I had the opportunity to shadow the food bank operations—an invaluable experience that strengthened my bond with the organisation and vividly demonstrated its substantial positive influence on the community. Witnessing the immediate benefits of our initiatives underscored the tangible results of data analytics; for example, a 10% reduction in food shortages isn't merely a statistic—it represents the potential to provide numerous additional meals for countless individuals in need. This realisation of the direct impact our work has on community well-being profoundly motivated me to dedicate my career to leveraging data analytics in promoting positive social change.

What has been a highlight for you?

One of the highlights of my experience so far has been leading a project aimed at in-depth understanding of the needs of BAME families and individuals within a specific postcode area. This endeavour is designed to gather crucial insights that will inform and refine the development of community services, ensuring they are more inclusive and specifically tailored to the diverse needs of these communities. The alignment of my Masters program with the practical needs at Spring Community Hub was evident throughout my internship.

How has your course helped you?

The skills and knowledge acquired during my studies were directly applicable to the challenges faced in the field, demonstrating the program's relevance to the demands of today's employers. This experience has not only affirmed my passion for using analytics for societal good but also provided a clear direction for my future career endeavours.

What advice do you have for future Data Analytics students?

For fellow Queen Mary students considering an internship, my advice is to leverage the university's resources and remain open to opportunities that resonate with your academic and career goals. The practical experience gained will enrich your academic journey and set a solid foundation for your professional future. My internship at Spring Community Hub has been a transformative journey of personal and professional growth. It has prepared me for the challenges of the job market and inspired me to pursue a career where I can continue to use my analytical skills for the greater good.




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