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School of Mathematical Sciences

Reto Buzano and Huy Nguyen awarded EPSRC grant

Congratulations to Reto Buzano and Huy Nguyen whose research grant proposal 'Advances in Mean Curvature Flow: Theory and Applications' has been awarded EPSRC funding worth £613,000. 


The project seeks to simplify geometric objects into their simplest components using a flow called the Mean Curvature Flow, a geometric flow that describes the motion of a surface.

Such a flow is nonlinear and necessarily develops singularities, which means that certain regions of the surface become infinitely curved and the underlying object therefore ceases to be a surface in the traditional sense, and the flow cannot be continued any longer. 

Such singular behaviour lies at the heart of many important problems in mathematics and its applications. The project will analyse the nature of this singularity formation and develop tools to move past them.

Methodologies and techniques developed over the course of this project will have applications in a number of problems across physics, biology, engineering and computer imaging.

The EPSRC grant will fund two postdoctoral researchers and a PhD student.

You can find out more about the project on the EPSRC website here.



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