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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our Student Success Stories - Meet Sasha Owen

COVID-19 has sadly changed our plans and graduation ceremonies have temporarily been postponed. In the meantime, until events are permitted again, we decided to speak to some of the students who are expecting to graduate this year. Sasha Owen, BSc Mathematics Class of 2020, shared her journey of success with us: from the beginning of her university path to securing a graduate role as an actuary. Hard work pays off, well done!




My name is Sasha and I would like to share my story with you. I was the first in my family to go to University (or even do A-Levels) and five years ago, I never believed I would be in the position I am now, with my Mathematics degree finished and a graduate job as an actuary at MMC Mercer lined up. I managed to secure an internship last year and after two months of working in the office, I was offered a graduate role. At the time this offer was important to me because I was worried about how I would support myself after University, but in hindsight, the stability of this job is an even bigger relief for me given the current times. Education has always been my escape from a difficult home life and now it has led me down a path that I was told I wouldn't have the option to take, and I am looking forward to my future!

Sasha Owen, BSc Mathematics (2020)

All final year students are invited to attend our Virtual Celebration 2020, regardless of whether their award has been confirmed by the date of the celebration. The digital offering is by no means a replacement for your formal graduation ceremony, which will take place as soon as events are permitted again. Book your place now!



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