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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Undergraduate – Xin Di Kwong

In this blog, we spoke to second-year Mathematics with Actuarial Science student Xin Di Kwong. Xin Di tells us about her experience of the programme, her upcoming placement at Lloyds Banking Group and her plans to become an Actuary.


Why did you decide to study BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science?

I learnt about this programme when I was attending university fairs with my sister. While she decided not to study Actuarial Science, I liked the idea of this programme – calculating the risk of a wide range of events or activities, it’s the kind of subject that I find very interesting.

What do you enjoy about the programme?

I’m happy with the content, it’s really interesting. It has a very practical aspect and there’s a lot of maths behind the topics we’re studying. I like the Statistics for Insurance module because it combines actuarial methods with real-world examples such as gaming.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m currently in the placement programme. I decided to apply for a placement at Lloyds Banking Group and my application was successful, so I will be doing my placement year next year, focussing on risk-related work. In the future, I’m hoping to work at an Actuarial company which can help me to complete my studies to become a qualified Actuary. While I’ll have some exemptions from my degree, I will still have to pass some of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries exams.


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