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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Undergraduate – Winsen Ng

In this blog, we spoke to first year BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science student Winsen Ng, who discusses his experience of the programme, learning from experts in the industry and his plans for the future.


Why did you decide to study Mathematics with Actuarial Science?

Maths has always been the subject I’ve enjoyed most and performed best in academically. My family are all engineers so for me it was between engineering or a maths degree. My sister and I are quite close and she has some friends who are studying Actuarial Science so she suggested the programme to me. I did some research and it seemed pretty interesting, so that’s why I decided to apply for the programme.

What do you enjoy about the programme?

My programme is really interesting. There is one module in particular called Actuarial Professional Development which is an amazing module. Each week we get to hear from people from different areas of the actuarial field such as insurance and pensions. Meeting Lloyd Richards and Komal Shah, who organise the module, they really gave me a perspective of what working as an actuary is about. I personally don’t have working experience in finance, economics or anything business-related so it was great to learn from people who are currently working in industry as actuaries. To be able to get this kind of insight is really valuable. I’ve also had support from Lloyd and Komal with my CV now that I’m starting to apply for spring and summer internships, which has been a huge help.

I like that my programme has allowed me to undertake a GMetrix Microsoft Excel Certification exam, which is the kind of real world knowledge and experience that I need. Queen Mary has a really high standard of teaching, but also great support services. The University really looks after students and helps us to develop.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m keeping an open mind. It’s been great to learn so much about what an actuary does but I still what to get some real world experience and try things myself. I’m hoping to get a banking and finance internship this year. I’m really interested in learning more about the industry because I currently don’t have this experience. I also plan to apply for actuarial internships in my second year and I’ll see where that goes but I’m not fixed on one particular role. I’ll try to make full use of the opportunities I have at university take what I can from the experiences I get.


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