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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Undergraduate - Nirusiya Sriskantharajah

In this blog post, we had a chat with Nirusiya Sriskantharajah, Maths with Finance and Accounting student and Maths Ambassador. She discussed her experience at the School of Mathematical Sciences, she explained what she enjoys about her degree and also gave a few suggestions to prospective maths students.


Why did you choose to pursue BSc Maths with Finance and Accounting and what do you enjoy about your degree?

I chose to pursue Mathematics with Finance and Accounting because I loved studying maths at A-levels. Learning core and statistics made me realise that maths is not just about solving problems, but it also involves understanding the concepts and applying technical language to real-life problems. I specifically opted for a joint course to learn more about finance and accounting. The programme is well-structured and flexible: I can choose the modules that I want to specialise in. The School of Mathematics Sciences has provided students with excellent materials and support. Being a course representative allowed me to work closely with staff and students to solve any issue raised, as well as having the opportunity to liaise with senior professors. Finally, Mathematics with Finance and Accounting provides many career opportunities.

What’s your overall experience as a Maths Ambassador?

As a Maths Ambassador, it was a pleasure to give guidance and communicate with our prospective students to help them explore their passion. Being a student ambassador, I got to know many other current students as well.

If you were to give some advice to other students who are thinking of applying for this programme, what would you say?

I would say to prospective students that maths is about solving problems, understanding theories and being enthusiastic. Also, I would recommend they manage their time well to get the most out of their programme. Make sure you go to networking events, explore different fields and get advice from more experienced people.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to get a placement in the audit sector and other possible finance-related sectors.

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