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School of Mathematical Sciences

Meet the Postgraduate - Amani Lahmami

In this blog, we spoke to MSc Financial Computing student Amani Lahmami. She explained what she likes about her degree, as well as discussing her aspirations and plans for the future.



Why did you choose to pursue Financial Computing?

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree in mathematics, my decision to pursue an MSc in Financial Computing was rooted in a natural curiosity regarding the intricacies of how investments are made in the UK, alongside how technology is being constantly developed to support the needs of investors; their complexity and uncertainty grasping my interest. 

What do you enjoy about your degree?

I am able to gain a comprehensive understanding of how technology has transcended into the financial industry. Utilizing this knowledge, my expertise will cultivate detailed mathematical models, used to optimise the methods of assessing/mitigating risk and financial forecasting to maximize efficiency; making educated investment decisions. In addition to the financial knowledge gained in this course, the advanced coding skills learnt within this programme will allow me to work from home, taking advantage of the digital platform and widen my potential career prospects. 

If you were to give advice to other students who are thinking of applying for this programme, what would you say?

I would advise other students who are thinking of applying for this programme to realise that, once you attain this master’s degree, your career prospects will be widened by gaining an insight into financial mathematical methods whilst maintaining a high standard in computer science. Having started the master’s having very little computer science knowledge, I have found the academic staff very supportive. We have a set of introductory modules which prepare us well for the future advanced modules. I commend the staff who allow us to maintain our confidence and motivation throughout the degree.

What are your career interest and aspirations, following graduation?

Financial technology (FinTech) is conventionally a male-dominated sector. I am well acquainted with the potential discomfit that many women who harbour an interest in these topics may feel within this environment.  Due to the gender disparity, I aspire to innovate this sector, creating more female workspaces, as well as flexible work from home schemes. Eliminating such constraints will result in supporting women to flourish without a detrimental or restrictive work environment. Empowering women to become experts within considerably competitive fields such as FinTech, is my primary objective, facilitating a collective challenging of the ignorant stereotypes that surround Muslim women within STEM subjects, by showcasing our drive/ambition and robust breadth of knowledge that supports our capabilities. 


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