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School of Mathematical Sciences

ImpactQM Scholarships


Scholarships have been awarded to postgrads and postdocs in the School.

The following postgrads/postdocs from the School of Mathematical Sciences have been awarded ImpactQM scholarships:
 Kotub Uddin (stream 1)
 Mudakkir Khadim (stream 1)
 Rui Carvalho (stream 2)

Rui Carvalho works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Mathematics Research Centre and is involved with the Manmade(link is external) Project: diagnosing vulnerability, emergent phenomena and volatility in manmade networks. Other members of staff in the Dynamical Systems Group (e.g. Arrowsmith, Just, Touchette) are also involved in this project.


"I will analyse, at the geographical scale of Europe, the impact on the UK’s energy networks of interdependencies and feedback mechanisms. I will combine existing MANMADE data sets (interconnected gas and electricity networks at European scale with capacities of pipelines and substations; location of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals) with mathematical models to deliver insights into the security of energy supply to the UK and to unravel interdependencies between the UK’s national energy infrastructure and the infrastructure of other European countries."  -- Rui Carvalho

Mudakkir Khadim also works as a postgraduate research student in statistics, supervised by Steven Gilmour.

Kotub Uddin works as a postgraduate research student in the Astronomy Unit. He recently published a paper together with James Lidsey and Reza Tavakol on cosmological scaling solutions in generalised Gauss-Bonnet gravity theories.

These young researchers will benefit from career development scholarships that "will fund a carefully targeted and personalised programme of training and development activities to enhance their capacity to bridge the industry-academia divide and to be able to drive innovation in a complex industrial sector". We look forward to hearing more about the outcome of these scholarships in future and congratulate the researchers involved on obtaining the funding.

You can find more about the work of impactQM at the impactQM home page(link is external) and on the impactQM blog(link is external).



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