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LGBT History Month Film Screening - The Imitation Game

10 February 2020, 6-9pm

Celebrate LGBT History Month by attending a screening of The Imitation Game, an award-winning film based on the real-life story of legendary mathematician, Alan Turing.

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Seminar: 'Homology theory of super-hypergraphs' with Professor Jelena Grbic (University of Southampton)

28 February 2020, MB-503, 11am 

A special IADS seminar given by Prof J. Grbic (University of Southampton) will take place.

Title: Homology theory of super-hypergraphs

Abstract: Hypergraphs can be seen as incomplete abstract simplicial complexes in the sense that taking subsets is not a closed operation in hypergraphs. This notion can be extended to ∆-sets with face operations only partially defined, these objects we name super-hypergraphs. In this talk, I will set foundations of the homology theory of these combinatorial objects.

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