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Library Services

Group Study Rooms

Please note due to social distancing guidelines, Group Study is suspended until further notice.

Booking guidelines

You can only book up to a maximum of 4 hrs per week using booking slots of 1-2hrs. Should you wish to book 4 consecutive hours you can do so by booking 2x 2hr slots.

You can book up to 1 week in advance.

These rooms are bookable by one library user, however 'group study' is defined to mean at least 3 people. Therefore, if there are less than 3 users using the room you may be asked to vacate the room.

Should the booking not be redeemed within 15 minutes of the start time of the booking then the room is relinquished and deemed available.

To reserve a group study room please login to the Library Group Study Room booking system.


There are 13 group study rooms: 6 are located on the ground floor of the Mile End Library (GSR 2 to 7), 3 on the first floor west of the Mile End Library (GSR 9, 10 and 11) and 4 in the Hive West (GSR 12 to 15).

The Mile End group study rooms contain a touchscreen PC, connectivity for laptop use and a whiteboard. Whiteboard pens are available from the Library Welcome Desk. The Hive West group study rooms contain PCs.

Other regulations
These rooms are for academic study only. You may be asked to vacate the room should any non-academic work be taking place. Users have the right to ask the group study room to be vacated if any of the above is breached.