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International students

Latin America Alumni

After completing their studies, our graduates join a network of over 190,000 fellow Queen Mary alumni who are based in 170 countries around the globe. No matter what your next steps may be, we hope that Queen Mary continues to be part of your community.

Hear from some of our alumni from and in Latin America who share career and personal successes while reflecting on their time as a Queen Mary student.

If you’re thinking of applying to Queen Mary and would like to hear from our alumni about their time on our campuses and life after, you can connect with them through the Queen Mary Network.

I came to Queen Mary, for its holistic approach to the course and secondly, because its location is at the centre of everything. The campus is literally in the heart of London, and most tech events happened 15-20 minutes away (by bike). So, I chose Queen Mary for what I could learn both inside and outside of the University.
— Juan Carlos Fernández Gómez, Internet of Things MSc, 2019

Juan Carlos Fernández Gómez

I used my time at Queen Mary to build the technology that I’m currently trying to deploy within my company, SmartMaze. This company focuses on software development and the implementation of IoT solutions to improve the performance of public transportation in developing cities.

Alumni profile - Juan Carlos Fernández Gómez
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