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Queen Mary Alumni

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Cassio Mosse

We spoke to Cassio Mosse, Alumni Ambassador for Brazil, about how his time at Queen Mary University of London helped him forge a career as an Intellectual Property, Fashion and Social Media Lawyer.

Cassio Mosse, Partner, MOSSE IP, Fashion and Social Media Law
(Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2015)

Alumnus Cassio Mosse outside Queens' Building

What did you study at Queen Mary and what are you doing now?

I completed a Masters degree in Intellectual Property Law. I am currently working in this field, practicing law in my home country, working with both Brazilian and foreign clients that need assistance with intellectual property related matters.


Why did you choose to study at Queen Mary and what advice would you have for fellow Brazilians, considering study in London?

I knew a couple of professionals that studied at Queen Mary University of London in past years, so I reached out to them and flooded them with questions regarding the university. I only heard encouraging comments and also Queen Mary offered exactly the course I wanted to take, so that was a no-brainer. As a piece of advice to prospective students, I would definitely suggest planning well ahead of time, as the whole process of moving to a new country represented dozens of different tasks that should be addressed and done the earliest possible. Brazilian prospective students should also be prepared to enter in a very different learning system from what they are used to, beside all cultural differences.


What sparked your interest in your current career as a Fashion/ Social Media Lawyer?

There was a gap in the market and there were very few professionals with knowledge in both legal theory and also in the unique market and sector that the fashion industry is. With regards to social media, there was a complete lack of specialised legal professionals, so I decided to explore this field, helping to shape this new area of practice.


How did your time and study at Queen Mary help your career and development?

My studies at Queen Mary gave me confidence - I felt that my theoretical knowledge developed a lot, which definitely assisted me in facing daily legal challenges and quickly finding the proper ways to address them. The connections I made while at university also helped me to create a network of professionals that are now my clients or local agents handling my files abroad.


What advice would you offer to current students who themselves are aspiring Lawyers?

Study hard. As simple as that. There are no shortcuts and competition is super high. When we are students we do not necessarily acknowledge that, but they need to make the most of the resources provided by the university, the libraries and the lecturers. Success will then be just a consequence.


Why is exciting to do what you do?

Working with fashion and social media enables me to be in contact with creative people. It is very mind broadening. It is also very exciting to realise that I am actually helping a whole sector to become more professionalised and that I am effectively assisting clients, either in monetising their assets, preventing litigation, giving general advice, etc. and it is very fulfilling to see their success. 


Do you have any role models that you look up to, both inside and outside of your field?

To be honest, I have no specific role models. I look up to whoever is honest, successful and recognised in their field. 



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