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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services


Part 1: Preliminary Items Papers
1. Welcome and apologies  

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 13 November 2018

  • Non-confidential
  • Confidential
FIC18-26 [PDF 414KB]
3. Matters arising FIC18-27 [PDF 133KB]
Part 2: Financial Performance  
4. Current financial position FIC18/28
5. TRAC return results 2017-18 FIC18/29
6. Review of S&E Faculty position FIC18/30
Part 3: Financial Policy and Strategy  
7. 2019-20 Budget; Current five year forecasts FIC18/31
8. Financial sustainability criteria FIC18-32 [PDF 437KB]
9. Financial implications of the proposed university strategy  FIC18/33
Part 4: Strategic Investment  
10. Borrowing update Oral report
11. Residences update FIC18/34
12. Albert Island business case FIC18/35
Part 5: Treasury Management and Investment   
13. Investment managers sub-group report and tender mandate and process  FIC18/36
Part 6: Matters for Report  
14. QMSU financial statements 2017-18 and mid-year accounts FIC18-37 [PDF 1,180KB]
15. QMI Annual Report FIC18/38
16. *Draft agenda for the next meeting FIC18-39 [PDF 74KB]
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