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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Undergraduate study in London

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This section outlines the facilities, teaching, support and social life that the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry offers its undergraduate students.

Where will I be based?

Teaching takes place on three campuses: Mile End, West Smithfield (site of St Bartholomew's Hospital) and Whitechapel (site of the Royal London Hospital), which are based in the City of London and east London.

Not only are we in one of the capital’s most vibrant areas to live, we also serve a very diverse local community. The two hospitals lie in two very different parts of London, the City and the East End, meaning our students are exposed to a greater diversity of people and their problems than at almost any other medical and dental school in the UK.

What I enjoy most is living in a hugely diverse and up-and-coming part of London. This exposes me to a wide variety of patients that other London medical students don’t have the chance to treat – and I’m right in the thick of what London has to offer!

Hannah Fisher, Medicine Graduate Entry Programme

Learning and teaching

At the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry we take the view that our students should develop an independent attitude to learning, such as making decisions about how to tackle key subjects, and researching and discussing them with fellow students. We have found that this method prepares students very well for life as a qualified doctor or dentist.

The main teaching methods include

  • Practical sessions
  • Communication skills
  • Project work
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

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Teaching facilities

The school brings together two venerable teaching institutions: St Bartholomew’s Hospital, which dates back to 1123, and The London Hospital Medical College, which was the first purpose-built medical school in England and Wales, founded in 1785. This wealth of tradition is combined with some of the most modern medical facilities in the UK, including the largest new hospital in Europe, the first new dental hospital building in the UK for 40 years, and in the Blizard Building, some of the largest open-plan biomedical research laboratories in Europe.

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Final year medical and dental students undertake an elective, overseas or in the UK.

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Student life

Studying medicine or dentistry is certainly demanding and intensive, however there is still time for students to enjoy the wide range of activities, clubs and societies available across the campuses. It is no secret that Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry students like to 'work hard and play hard'.

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Student support

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has a highly developed network for pastoral and academic support, which was commended by the UK General Medical Council as an area of good practice. Right from the start through to qualification our students have access to a huge range of support and guidance.

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