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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

The Barts Academy

The Barts Academy is a forum for scientific cross-fertilisation, mentoring and bespoke training to maximise career opportunities and training paths within our Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD).  The Academy brings to together over 40 early career researchers and new lecturers across our research Institutes (the Academy Fellows) and is supported by two members of the FMD Research Strategy Board (RSB), Prof David Kelsell and Prof Mauro Perretti.

The Academy organises:

Workshops: Three workshops per annum, with presentations from our researchers (at all career levels) and invited speakers. The latter are selected to offer specific training in areas chosen by the Academy Fellows; examples would be intellectual property generation and protection, interactions with commercial partners, global research opportunities and more. These are also a forum for presentations from funders. Fellows are actively involved in the organisation of the workshops.

1-2-1 meetings: Once or twice per year with Prof Kelsell and Prof Perretti, to mentor and monitor research activities, while facilitating identification of gaps in specific projects and offer solutions across the faculty or the university. The meetings complement the mentoring and support that Fellows receive at Institute level and in their own departments.

Away Days: As well as other more outward-looking activities will be implemented post-COVID pandemic.

Panel and Committee Activity: Where there will be opportunities for the Fellows to engage in committees and panels that underpin the development of the FMD in both research and education.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Barts Charity to the Barts Academy.

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