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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Population health

Under this research focus, we bring together our efforts and excellence in public health, preventive medicine, community mental health and primary care, supporting a research strategy that goes from the lab to clinical health care. 


Hence, in December 2019, we formed the Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS) and recruited its Director (Professor Fiona Walter) and several new faculty. In the 2020, our inclusion as one of nine members in the NIHR School for Primary Care Research (£20M) represent a major achievement. Our main activities are listed below.

Primary Care and Public Health

The Centre for Primary Care and Public Health and Social Mental Health is uniquely placed to deliver world-leading research and education that informs and supports our large and ethnically diverse population with complex health needs. We host a dedicated Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, which aims to find better treatments and make them available faster to improve the quality of life of people with asthma. Our strong focus on the impact of pollution and diesel toxins, has changed policies and forged the creation of the UltraLowEmission Zone. The Centre includes our Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry which is an official WHO Collaborating Centre. In 2021, we have established the Youth Mental Unit and recruited its lead (to be announced).

Health informatics - Linking data between GPs and hospitals

The Clinical Effectiveness Group leads research in the effective delivery of primary care from building sophisticated Health Informatics systems (Real Health, Discovery, SHARE) to link data across health care providers and enable better access for researchers; to the development of evidence based guidelines and care pathways. We present an outstanding track record in using health data to derive new knowledge and to maximise translation of findings into benefits for patients and populations. In February 2018, Queen Mary became a foundation partner of the new National Institute Health Data Research (HDR) UK, an opportunity to build on our strengths at Queen Mary in e-health data research and human genomics, to transform the health of the population through data science.


Preventive Medicine

Our Centre for Environmental and Preventive Medicine conducts research and education in all areas of chronic disease epidemiology, medical screening and public health. The research is often linked to laboratory studies with a focus on elucidating the causes and prevention of disease, and it is accompanied by the development of novel diagnostic technologies.

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