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Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Teaching facilities and learning resources

To support your learning we provide a range of facilities and learning resources tailored to your needs as you progress through your study programme.

State-of-the-art new dental school

The Institute of Dentistry moved to a new £78m dental hospital in April 2014 - the first to be built in the UK for over 40 years. 

New facilities in the 17, 700 m2 of floor space include:

  • 11 dedicated seminar rooms and a student learning centre92 production laboratory spaces
  • Digital imaging and two cutting edge cone beam CT machines 
  • A PC in every operatory with slave screen on chair for viewing images and discussing results with patient 
  • Modern facial scanning equipment 
  • Facilities and services for 72 phantom heads

Find out more on the Institute of Dentistry website.

The Blizard Building

This major new development in Whitechapel houses research facilities, postgraduate students and a 400-seat lecture theatre. This is in addition to existing lecture theatres on the Whitechapel site and provides medical and dental students with ample teaching space. The new lecture theatre is fully equipped with audiovisual facilities and an induction loop system.

The Francis Bancroft Building

This large modern building, located at Mile End, is used for some of the practical teaching during the first two years (the first year for dental students). It houses three lecture theatres with IT facilities and multiuser laboratories equipped with computers and closed-circuit television for practical classes.

Garrod Building

This recently refurbished building at Whitechapel houses teaching rooms for PBL sessions as well as larger lecture theatres, computing facilities and the Student Office.

Learning Landscape

Practical sessions on anatomy take place in the Learning Landscape Room in the Francis Bancroft Building. Here tutors lead demonstrations using anatomical specimens and models, clinical images, videos of surgical and endoscopic procedures and specialised computer imaging. A programme of displays allows you to refresh your knowledge on anatomical topics before exams or assessments.

Clinical and Communications Skills Centre

At West Smithfield, we have a purpose-built Clinical and Communications Skills Centre, which is one of the most advanced of its kind (and the first to be developed in the UK). In 2005, Queen Mary, University of London and City University were jointly awarded a prestigious Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning Award for clinical and communication skills, the only London medical school to receive such an award. This award secured funding of £3.15 million in recognition of excellence in providing professional training in healthcare for students across five disciplines.

The Clinical Skills Centre is designed and equipped to allow you to practise clinical methods and practical skills using mannequins and models. Communications skills are developed with the help of specially trained actors, who simulate patients and are able to give valuable feedback.


During your studies you will have access to a large collection of basic medical texts in the main library at Mile End. The library is open six days a week.

This resource is complemented by the two large medical archives based at the Royal London and at Barts in older, architecturally distinguished buildings that are well worth a visit just to experience their atmosphere.

All the libraries have computer facilities and space where you can work quietly on your own or with other students on group projects. You will also be able to use the extensive central facilities at the University of London, including the library at Senate House which contains around 1.4 million volumes.

Library Services web site

Computing facilities

When it comes to finding a computer to work on, you will have a wide choice on all the campuses. In addition to the IT lab in the Francis Bancroft Building, open-access computers are available in computer centres at Mile End and at the West Smithfield and Whitechapel Campuses as well as in the main Queen Mary library at Mile End.

Every student has an email account and access to the web. An intranet provides an extensive medical and dental knowledgebase of over 5,000 pages, which includes key lecture notes, papers and research.

You will also receive important administrative information – such as timetables, study plans and exam results, as well as learning materials – through the Internet.

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