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Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI)

AI and Human Rights


Greg Slabaugh, QM's Director of the Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) opened the “AI and Human rights” event.

This panel discussion was organised by Queen Mary’s Global Policy Institute and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies and The Society for Computers and Law; and it featured speakers from The Alan Turing Institute, the International Bar Association and Simmons&Simmons.

AI is having an impact on most aspects of government activities, business operations, and people’s lives. Proposals in favour of letting the technology advance unregulated are under question, with the increasing realisation of the potential pitfalls of such unhindered development.  A select panel discussed the current situation of AI development and use, at both public and private entities, and the actual and potential repercussions of that use on people's enjoyment of Human Rights.

Watch the full discussion here.



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