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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Azeezat Periola (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2022)

"Receiving a scholarship made me feel like I really belonged to Queen Mary University. I felt this is where I am meant to be..."

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What did you do before your studies at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies?

Prior to studying at CCLS, I studied my undergraduate degree at Anglia Ruskin University which I completed in 2021. I also volunteered with the Legal Advice Clinic as it was an opportunity to enhance my legal skills and give back to the community. 

Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

I wanted to go to a Russell Group University, so I looked at the different possibilities available. I was attracted to QMUL due to the various modules offered. Initially, I applied for a general LLM which would give me a lot of options as I did know what I wanted to specialise in. I then decided I wanted to specialise after all; Queen Mary was very adaptable and let me change. I chose to study for a Masters in Intellectual Property Law.  

How did you hear about the Roy Goode Scholarship Fund?

I applied to QMUL before March and as I gained a first-class in my LLB I was automatically considered to receive a £3,000 discount. Due to this, I was eligible to apply for the Roy Goode Scholarship fund. 

How did you feel when you heard that you had been successful in becoming a Roy Goode scholar?

Coming from Nigeria, the fees are challenging. I really wanted my offer to come. My Dad kept reassuring me. When it did, my family were so happy.  

What difference did receiving the support from the scholarship make to you?

Receiving a scholarship made me feel like I really belonged to Queen Mary University. I felt this is where I am meant to be.  

What was your experience of studying at CCLS?

It has been an eye-opening experience. My studies have been interesting, engaging with practical information.  

What do you plan to do after finishing your LLM?

I am looking to go into the business side of Intellectual Property (IP). There are lots of infringements in Nigeria. Back home, I want to run a blog and raise more awareness about IP. I hope to be able to work in the policy sector of IP and have influence. Coming to the UK has been a privilege.  

What would you say to the community who are thinking of supporting CCLS?

Your support makes a lot of difference to students’ lives. For someone like me it has been a huge relief to receive my scholarship.

How you can donate to support future students

Your contribution, regardless of its size, and when combined with the generosity of others, will provide life-changing opportunities for future CCLS students. You can also sign up for regular giving to support CCLS regularly.

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