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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Atia Marzia (Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM, 2022)

"When I heard the news that I had been successful in securing a scholarship, it felt like my hard work paid off. My family was delighted and showered me with love and blessings..."

Atia Marzia wearing glasses and a sari outside Queen Mary's Graduate Centre

What did you do before your studies at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies?

During my undergraduate studies at North South University in Bangladesh, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Law department. Since graduation, I have worked at a leading research institution as a Research Associate on a number of internationally funded projects including those of the International Labour Organization, GiZ, ActionAid Bangladesh, and NORC at the University of Chicago. Notably, I worked on the Employment Injury Protection Scheme, a joint Project of the International Labour Organisation and GiZ, and initiated a comprehensive compensation scheme for the injured workers and the families of deceased workers who are the victims of workplace accidents. This project will soon be implemented and have a direct, positive impact on the labour force of my country.

Why did you choose to study at CCLS?

Queen Mary offers a wide range of modules providing an excellent opportunity to select the courses from specialized areas depending on one’s intellectual curiosity. Also, I discovered that an expert pool of faculty members with both extensive research and practical experience guides the students to develop a critical understanding of relevant law and justice systems- both in the domestic and international areas. I realised that their guidance would help me improve my powers of reasoning, clarity of thought, and ability to analyse complex theoretical ideas.

How did you find out about the Roy Goode Scholarship?

On a sunny afternoon, I received a mail from Queen Mary saying that I could be considered for Roy Goode Scholarship if I provided a supporting document describing my passion about the chosen programme and my aspirations for the future. I grabbed the opportunity and made it.

How did you feel when you heard that you had been successful in becoming a Roy Goode scholar?

When I heard the news that I had been successful in securing a scholarship, it felt like my hard work paid off. My family was delighted and showered me with love and blessings. My faculty members were really proud of me and congratulated me. I felt thrilled and confident. 

What do you plan to do when you finish your LLM?

When I finish my LLM studies, I plan to go back to Bangladesh and join academia. I want to be an educator at my undergraduate university – North South University, which is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. I believe that the knowledge and experience I have acquired from QMUL would certainly give me a competitive edge over other legal minds of my country once I return to my homeland. 

I also wish to continue my work for the betterment of the labour force of my country.

What difference did receiving the support from the scholarship make to you?

Receiving a scholarship reduced the financial burden on my family. It has contributed towards the fulfilment of my dream of pursuing an LLM abroad. I am more optimistic about the future now. 

What is the best thing about studying at CCLS?

I think the diversity is the best thing at CCLS. I have made new friends with people belonging to various backgrounds and diverse cultures. I like sharing and discussing different legal and cultural concepts with them; it provides an invaluable opportunity to broaden my perspective.

What would you say to the community who are thinking of supporting CCLS?

A scholarship has a greater impact than we think. It not only helps an individual student to achieve their goals but contributes towards society. This is particularly true for students who come from third world countries. I would like to encourage prospective supporters to donate. I would also like to express my enormous gratitude to everyone who contribute to the scholarship and support students.

How you can donate to support future students

Your contribution, regardless of its size, and when combined with the generosity of others, will provide life-changing opportunities for future CCLS students. You can also sign up for regular giving to support CCLS regularly.

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