Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Mr Gavin Sutter, LLB, LLM (Queens, Belfast)


Senior Lecturer

Email: g.p.sutter@qmul.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8082
Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Gavin Sutter is Senior Lecturer in Media Law and a member of the Institute of Computer and Communications Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London. He established, manages and teaches on the LLB and LLM Media Law courses at Queen Mary, as well as writing in the field. His key areas of interest are in the regulation of content in both traditional and new media, with a particular emphasis on the issues of defamation, obscenity, and intermediary liability. He is also actively involved in teaching on the ICCL’s LLM by Internet programme, for which he wrote the Internet Content Regulation and Online Media Regulation modules.

Further teaching activities have included several visits to the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, where he has taught law to Chinese students taking the joint Queen Mary-BUPT programme in E-commerce. In addition to his teaching duties, Gavin has also played an active role in ICCL research projects, including the ECLIP (Electronic Commerce Legal Issues Platform). A member of the executive committee of BILETA (British and Irish Law, Education & Technology Association) since 2002, he is currently Chair of the organisation. He also sits on the advisory board of Communications Law journal.

Gavin’s publications include Media Law & Practice (Goldberg, Sutter & Walden, Oxford University Press, 2009). He has published in a wide range of academic volumes and journals, and is pleased to note that his professional views on internet pornography and sexual harassment in the workplace were once quoted in Shine, a glossy magazine marketed at women in their late twenties. He has spoken at academic conferences in locations as diverse as London, Belfast, Glasgow, Dublin, Boston Mass, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Vienna, and the National Law School of India University in Bangalore, where he was invited as an international speaker to present on the issue of online intermediary liability.

Gavin read Honours Law at the Queen's University of Belfast between 1994-1997. During 1997-98 he read for the LLM Degree of Computers & Law, graduating with  Distinction in December 1998.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • LAW6006 Media Law

Postgraduate Teaching

  • QLLM076 Media Law


Research Interests:

Gavin's personal research interests include a wide range of content regulations issues as they apply to material on the internet (e.g. obscenity, defamation, copyright infringement). He has also been actively involved in a wide range of other research, including the interception of electronic communications for the purposes of criminal investigations, the enforcement of Internet regulation and electronic payment systems.


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