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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

New Executive Education Course in International Sports Arbitration

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) are proud to launch a new executive education course in International Sports Arbitration

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Aimed to build your expertise on the legal and practical aspects of contemporary sporting disputes, this five-day course will take place in person at the home of CCLS in Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

The jam-packed programme will cover a range of topics to spark discussions and debates on subjects from “sport and politics” to “doping” or “match-fixing” and “gender issues in sport”.

Ideally located in London, professionals from across Europe can benefit from the course while meeting like-minded legal sports practitioners to expand their network.

The programme is designed for legal practitioners, sports administrators, insurers, arbitrators, civil servants and university graduates in law, sports administration and business, who wish to develop a better understanding of modern-day sporting disputes arising out of professional and elite sporting competitions and environments. An interest in sport is essential.

Course Director on the International Sports Arbitration course Paul Hayes said, “It is a privilege to once more be teaching international sports arbitration face-to-face, this time in London at QMUL and again with one of the world’s leading sports arbitrators, Professor Richard McLaren OC.

Richard and I are both very excited about conducting our international sports arbitration course in partnership with QMUL. Given the dramatic rise in the number of sporting disputes since the millennium, the impact of these disputes on international sport has been profound. Arbitration is the principal mean by which sporting disputes have been resolved (particularly in the Court of Arbitration for Sport) and it is arbitration which has ensured that participation in international sport for the world’s elite athletes has remained fair and transparent. QMUL is widely renowned throughout the world as one of the leading educational institutions in the field of international arbitration, and so as we emerge from the pandemic it is timely indeed that QMUL is now offering its executive education course in international sports arbitration.

The International Sports Arbitration course will take place at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in London from 12 to 16 December 2022. Registration to join is now open.



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