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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS to hold their first ever Giving Day from 8-9 June - Save the date

Join us in supporting our first ever Giving Day and give the future leaders in law the opportunity to thrive. Be among our early supporters to help increase our challenge funding gifts to ensure our Giving Day is a huge success.

A group photo of Queen Mary Postgraduate Law Students outside Cumberland Lodge. The group is framed by foliage growing around the building.

More than 16,500 students from over 90 countries have benefitted from studying at CCLS.

Together, our faculty, students and alumni are shaping the future of commercial law and helping us achieve the previously unthinkable.

Join the CCLS community in supporting our Giving Day and give the future leaders in law the opportunity to thrive.

Your support will help make a lasting impact on students and develop them into the future leaders and innovators in law, commerce and government by enabling them to reach their full academic potential.

Giving Day donations will support a choice of funds:

  • The Roy Goode Scholarship Fund
  • CCLS Bursary Fund 
  • CCLS Strategic Fund

How you can get involved:

  • Give your gift early. Your contribution, regardless of its size, and when combined with the generosity of others, will provide life-changing opportunities for future CCLS students. You can also sign up for regular giving to support CCLS regularly.
  • Become a Champion and help spread the word with our Champion Toolkit
  • Follow the action and get involved on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where you’ll find some great stories and posts to spread the word using the hashtag #ShapeCommercialLaw

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