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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS launch FinTech Executive Education course in partnership with Maastricht University


The Centre for Commercial Law Studies (Queen Mary University of London) and Maastricht University are proud to launch their next joint executive education course on the legal side of Fintech.

Combining expertise from Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies’ and Maastricht University, this course offers an international perspective and insight covering UK and EU regulation.

Jam-packed with cutting-edge technological topics, participants will be introduced to topics such as Machine Learning, Data Protection and Cloud Computing and come away with the tools to increase productivity and reduce time spent on complex legal and compliance problems.  

Ideally located in Brussels, professionals from across Europe can benefit from the course while meeting like-minded practitioners to expand their network.

This programme is designed for legal practitioners, judges and Law graduates but is also suitable for professionals working in banks, FinTech firms and international and non-governmental organisations.  

Speaker on the FinTech course Iain Sheridan said, “Technology underpins every aspect of financial services. Legal counsel and compliance officers are valued for knowing regulations that apply not only today, but also on the near horizon. This two day QML FinTech course in Brussels focuses on these two equally vital challenges.”

The FinTech course will take place at the Maastricht University campus in Brussels from 16 to 17 June 2022. Registration to join is now open.



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