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Recognition for Arbitrator Intelligence founded by Professor Catherine A. Rogers


Arbitrator Intelligence, founded by Catherine A. Rogers, Professor of Ethics, Regulation & the Rule of Law at Queen Mary University of London, has recently released its first batch of reports. Arbitrator Intelligence describes these reports as containing "previously unavailable, but highly valuable, data-driven insights regarding arbitrators' case management and decision making". It adds that this "crucial data and feedback" about international arbitrators will assist users to make more informed and predictable decisions on selecting arbitrators.

Arbitrator Intelligence is already receiving recognition for its contribution to the development of international arbitration. The ICCA’s Cross-Institutional Task Force’s Report on Gender Diversity in Arbitral Appointment and Proceedings refers to how Arbitrator Intelligence’s reports will enhance diversity (see page 65). Further, the United Nations Commission on International Trade recently published a white paper on high level reforms for international arbitrations involving Nation-States and cited Arbitrator Intelligence as an important tool for promoting transparency and accountability in arbitrator selection (see footnote 22 of the white paper on the Selection and Appointment of ISDS Tribunal Members). Arbitrator Intelligence has also recently been cited in The Global Legal Post alongside the premier legaltech innovations in the US market.

More information is available on the Arbitrator Intelligence website.

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