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New book provides comprehensive analysis of energy transition in the European Union

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas has just published a two-volume book with the findings of his WiseGRID research grant, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program

The Great Energy Transition in the European Union: Volume 1 book cover, with a picture of pylons at sunset

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas, Jean Monnet Chair holder in EU International Economic Law at Queen Mary University of London, has published a new book which provides a comprehensive analysis of the energy transition in the European Union.

The book is the result of 42 months of research in the framework of the WiseGRID project (number 731205), granted to Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas by the European Union and funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas served as a Principal Investigator in this project, responsible for the legal dimension of the project.

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas said: “This book examines the status of the energy transition in the European Union. It demonstrates why it is in the EU’s interest to decentralise its energy markets and analyses the situation in several EU member states.

“The book specifically focuses on electricity markets and looks at how decentralization is taking shape with regard to these markets. In doing so, it analyses the regulatory environment in several EU jurisdictions to identify to what extent it is conducive to decentralization. It looks at how things stand in terms of new tools and technologies to facilitate decentralization, such as smart grids and meters, electric vehicles, demand response, and storage. The book explores how specific EU member states are progressing towards deployment of these tools and technologies, and the specific needs and regulatory barriers in each.”

The work also offers recommendations for how regulation can be more encouraging. The book also discusses electricity interconnections in the EU as a vital step towards decentralisation that will boost energy security and energy efficiency. In addition, the book also includes a detailed examination of data protection concerns that arise from the advent of new technologies that collect personal information, such as smart grids. It assesses current regulation on data protection and identifies areas for improvement.

About the WiseGRID project

The WiseGRID project provides a set of solutions, technologies and business models which increase the smartness, stability and security of an open, consumer-centric European energy grid and provide cleaner and more affordable energy for European citizens, through an enhanced use of storage technologies and electro-mobility and a highly increased share of Renewable Energy Resources.

It aims to deliver the tools and business models that will facilitate the creation of an open market and enable all energy stakeholders to play an active role towards a democratic energy transition.

Read more about Professor Leal-Arcas’ books below:

Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas also recently published an article on the findings of this research. The article, Regulation, Innovation, and Technology for the 21st Century Energy Goals, was published in the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare. You can access the article via SSRN.



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