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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Professor Lastra participated in Yale's project on The Future of the Global Financial System


Professor Lastra participated in The Future of the Global Financial System project at Yale University on 13 June 2014. She joined the video conference at the invitation of Professor Jeffrey E Garten of the Yale School of Management. 

Professor Lastra and Professor Garten discussed the following topics among others:

  • The difference between international law and legal cooperation across borders.
  • Comparisons on how national law works in the global economic sphere aside from finance, such as trade, investment or commercial competition.
  • The lessons to be drawn from the effort to forge more effective integration in the European region.
  • The role of powerful and independent institutions (the IMF, the FSB, the G-20, the BIS, etc) in formulating international financial and monetary law.
  • The question of whether multilateral cooperation may be substituted for a greater level of international law in regards to finance and monetary affairs.
  • The cost to the global financial system of underdeveloped international law.
  • The development of international law relating to monetary affairs and financial regulation.
  • The most important research questions that are being worked on or that need to be worked on.



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