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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS DL Chapter (TMT) Welcome Event

TMT event photo

Professor Ian Walden, Director of CCLS, welcomed everyone to the launch of the Distance Learning Chapter (TMT) and noted that he would normally update everyone about how CCLS has adapted to distance learning over the last year, but for this group it was not necessary! Since 2003, the DL programme has been at the forefront of this approach. He said ‘The programme has grown and expanded and there are now over 20 module options. We are keen to maintain strong links with you as you are our greatest asset.'

Laurie Korpi (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2017) and Committee member, said: ‘I lived in London for most of my studies but did relocate to Sydney, so the course being online made that transition seamless. It was an amazing experience, with a real diverse cohort of students, great course content and delivery to learn about law in the TMT space.

This is a Chapter for alumni and students by alumni and students, so it would be great to hear views and ideas about the future of the group’.

Anne Todd (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2011) and Committee member, went on to say: ‘The Chapter is a fantastic opportunity to re-connect with CCLS staff, alumni and to meet current students. There is always so much happening in the TMT sector and it is great to have this forum to share insights and to connect with others who are interested in the sector and to hear their different perspectives.'

Ammar Hamadien (Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM, 2021) said: ‘I came from a non-law TMT background so my first interface at CCLS was with Laura Edgar during the pre-sessional modules. She nurtured my interest in the programme and motivated me to carry on and pursue the LLM. If it wasn’t for her, I would have found the LLM programme much more challenging. Professor Christopher Millard was a great support during the dissertation phase of my studies. His knowledge in the area of Cloud Computing was essential in setting me on the right course for my research.

I now work in data privacy, Fintech in the Middle East. I also advise a couple of telecom ministries in Africa on ICT policy reform initiatives. This year, I will start my PhD research at the University of Bradford.

In the Middle East there are some alumni but they are not connected. There is a lot we can do as a community in the region and I look forward to future activities held through the Chapter'.

Robin Callender Smith (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2010, International Dispute Resolution, PGDip, 2020, 2021) shared: ‘I am almost an honorary alumnus of the Chapter as I did some teaching on the Distance Learning programme. Just getting out of the TMT silo I found intellectually refreshing after the founding of my own Chambers.’

He advised ‘In networking terms, don’t think about networking just in this group but via other Chapters also.’

Rodrigo Azevedo Greco (Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM, 2021) shared: ‘There are only a hand full of TMT alumni in Brazil. It would be great to interact more and exchange ideas on different topics that other students and alumni might be working in, so we can benefit from each other’s experience. Great to have a space to do that!’

Can Deng (Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM LLM, 2020) said: 'I hope that being part of the Chapter will broaden my horizons and help me to learn new things from alumni and other students.’

Ausra Beatrice Semeniene (Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM, 2020) ‘The new Chapter is a great way to be in touch and communicate with alumni and other students.’

Morgane Bourmault (Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law LLM, 2022) 'I look forward to participating in the events organised by the TMT DL chapter and to exchange with current students and alumni about their perspectives on TMT issues. There is so much to benefit from such an international community.'

Laura Edgar, Director of the TMT DL programme said ‘We really appreciate this Chapter being set up so we have a formal opportunity for networking. If anyone else would like to join the Committee, or have suggestions about contacts for external speakers, please let us know.’

You can join other alumni on the CCLS DL Chapter (TMT) LinkedIn.

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