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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Professor Anselm Kamperman Sanders

Professor Anselm Kamperman Sanders was awarded his PhD from CCLS in 1995. He is now Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Maastrict University and Deputy Judge in the Court of Appeal in the Hague. Find out about his time at CCLS:


Why did you choose to study at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies?

During a brief student internship at a Dutch law firm’s office in London, I did some research for my Dutch LLM thesis (Tilburg University) and came across the CCLS library dedicated to intellectual property law (then still at Mile End). Through contact with the staff, I was inspired and persuaded that a PhD at CCLS would be an excellent way to continue my research.

What was your favourite memory as a CCLS student?

Being awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie ‘Human Capital and Mobility’ grant that allowed me to survive financially and finish my PhD. It really was a wonderful recognition for my early publications and research project and testament to the excellent supervision by Professor Gerald Dworking and Alison Firth that I received at CCLS.

What does being a member of the CCLS community mean to you?

The CCLS community has a truly global reach and the participation of QMUL in a Horizon 2020 European Joint Doctorate program, which I am co-coordinating from my current position at Maastricht University shows that this community link is still present. I still feel part of the CCLS community as a result.

Why do you think perspective students should study at CCLS?

The Queen Mary University of London PhD degree was held in high regard and certainly contributed to my academic career, but what’s more, the entire environment stimulated academic rigour, intellectual curiosity and self-reliance.

What course did you study?

A PhD in intellectual property law entitled Badges of Trade, the protection of trade marks and related intangibles in unfair competition law, subsequently published as: Unfair Competition Law - the Protection of Intellectual and Industrial Creativity (1997, Clarendon Press, Oxford).

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