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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Law, Economics and Finance

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Vijayesh Chandel Vijayesh Chandel (2014)
15 February 2021

Vijayesh graduated from CCLS with an LLM in Law and Economics. He is an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs: he explains how the LLM has contributed to his career.

Obrein Telly Obrein Telly (2019)
24 September 2020

Obrein completed a Masters in Law and Finance in 2019 and now works as an Associate Legal Counsel advising on Transactions and Solutions within the EMEA region at Swiss Re.   

Wang Fu Wang Fu (2020)
24 September 2020

Wang completed a Masters in Law and Finance in 2020 and now works as a senior judge and heading up the No.2 Trial Division of the Shanghai Financial Court, the first (and so far only) court in China specializing in financial disputes.

Joseph Mburu Joseph Gitau Mburu (2018)
1 September 2020

Joseph Gitau Mburu graduated from CCLS with a Law and Economics LLM and is now Head of Payments Services Policy Development & Data Analysis at the Central Bank of Kenya

Andrea V Dr Andrea Vianelli (2017)
18 June 2020

Andrea is currently heading up the legal and regulatory department of an international financial group focused on FinTech and traditional finance at Amagis Capital Group.

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