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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Ojasvita Srivastava (2014)

Ojasvita is currently working as a General Counsel for Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific region at Securitas. She graduated from CCLS with the Commercial and Corporate Law LLM in 2014

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Why did you choose to study with us?

CCLS is one of the best colleges in the world for dispute resolution. The illustrious faculty for Arbitration and Litigation attracted me.

What was your favourite memory as a CCLS student?

My favourite memories were co-founding the Queen Mary Law and Business Journal and being a course representative for the Commercial and Corporate Law specialism.

What does being a member of the CCLS community mean to you?

It allows me to have a great network of professional friends across various jurisdictions. As a legal counsel working across multiple jurisdictions, it allows me to bank on my network when dealing with problems in other jurisdictions.

How did your CCLS experience contribute to your career?

It gave me a global perspective and understanding of law and legal practice in different systems of law. It has helped me tremendously in my present role as well as my previous role while working as a legal counsel for jurisdictions across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Why do you think prospective students should study at CCLS?

To get a global outlook on law and create a great network of colleagues across several jurisdictions.


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