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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

CCLS alumnus Leandro Secco writes a book, based on his dissertation


Leandro Secco, LLM Class of 2016/17, has written a book based on the dissertation he wrote while studying at CCLS. It will be published on 28 November 2018, at Ferrere, Uruguay (1392, Juncal St., Montevideo, Zip Code 11,000).

Here is an abstract of the forthcoming book: "The new Criminal Procedure Code of Uruguay introduces paradigmatic reforms, but not all of them have been discussed with the same intensity. This book calls for debate on issues which seemingly have gone off the radar, by presenting its latest developments in leading legal frameworks. First focus in put on the prosecution guidelines, a new prerogative for Uruguayan prosecutors, which enforceability the author assess. Afterwards, the synergy with the individual technical individual autonomy of prosecutors, a long-lasting axiom in Uruguay's legal forum, is scrutinised. The potential threats to the independence of the issuing Council of the prosecution guidelines is then examined, going from budget to politics, including its own composition, amongst other. Additionally, latest developments of cybercrime evidencing in pioneer jurisdictions are analysed in relation with the new Uruguayan reforms. The core of this section is cooperation, form both an international and public-private standpoint. The book finalises with a procedural perspective about the ongoing trials at the time of the new Code's approval, considering the probabilities of its retroactive effect."



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