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Professor Gunjan Saxena

Professor Saxena was invited to Chair the panel discussion at the London IP Week 4.0


Gunjan Saxena

Professor Saxena was invited to Chair the panel discussion at the London IP Week 4.0 “Tech for Techs: How adopting technology in the early days of a growing portfolio leads to better decision making", which took place on 21st October.

Professor Gunjan Saxena (International business Law LLM, 2020) is a Co-Founder & Innovation Lead at Legal Design Arc. She is also an Assistant Professor at the School of Law, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES).

This is how Professor Saxena describes her professional career: “An Academician, Lawtech Innovator & Legal Designer holding a Master of Law (LLM) in International Business Law from Queen Mary, University of London and a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (B.A. LL.B.) with honors from D. S. National Law University Visakhapatnam, India.

Lawyer by profession, Artist by passion, and Legal Designer by their congruence. Co-founder & Innovation Lead of Legal Design Arc. Passionately working towards making accessibility a common phenomenon in the legal field”.

Gunjan chaired a panel discussion “Tech for Techs” focusing on technology adoption for IP commercialization and business development at the 4th London Intellectual Property Week.

The panel comprised of Paul Dowling, Founder & CEO of Mindstream Labs, Clio Davies a solutions consultant at Anaqua, Anne McAleer from Paragraf, and Richard Nugent from Mathys & Squire Consulting along with her.


The panel discussed at length about the business development process and early adoption of technology discoursing upon the challenges and benefits. The panel impressed upon the importance of making technology adoption strategy for startups. Prof. Gunjan talked about the inhibitions and challenges from a business perspective and discussed the importance of Technology adoption for effective IP strategising and business development. Harboring the usage of technology in the right way during different stages of business development starting from IP development till the last stage of marketing and launch was discussed.

The two day conference organized by Cosmonauts included a selected audience of more than hundred delegates and attendees hailing from various organisations and law firms in London.

You can find out more about Professor Saxena on her website.




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