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Felipe Cuberos (International Business Law LLM, 1998)

Felipe Cuberos shares his romantic story for us on Valentine’s Day

Felipe Cuberos wearing a suit and green tie

I have never thought I am particularly original, except for one single thing: the place I chose for my honeymoon. Unlike anybody else, once the choice was made with a big chunk of enthusiasm before getting married, I had to complete many forms to get there. Moreover, complex examinations were required although not precisely on demand from Ana María, who still was my fiancée at that time, and not even by her parents. In fact, she had to do the same. The requirements came – very surprisingly from the selected place, and they implied lots of time and effort to reach such a paradise.

Once we got married (12 July 1997), we took our luggage and left the day after to London. As opposite to what happens to most young couples (believe it or not, we were young at that time!), Ana María Arboleda (International Business Law LLM, 1998) and I did not opt for a fancy hotel. The place we went to looked somehow old but still very charming. The place was Queen Mary University and we spent the most wonderful times of our lives there.

We both took a course in legal English and thereafter an LLM Degree on International Business Law. We made excellent friends from everywhere and really enjoyed our 14 month experience as we hope everyone else did before and after.

Twenty years later we went back with our kids (now age 20 and 18), stayed at the same house we used to live, and revisited our experiences hoping they are lucky enough to experience similar things, and even more, to marry someone like me!

Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone, and enjoy loving the Queen Mary experience!!



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