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Bijetri Roy

Bijetri Roy started a new entrepreneurship venture in India.


Bijetri Roy

Bijetri Roy (Public International Law LLM, 2014) has recently started her entrepreneurship venture, the Institute for Pioneering Insightful Research and Edutech Pvt Ltd (InsPIRE) in India. She has taken up the role and responsibility of the Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer.

In addition to her venture's regular work, she is also working towards launching her dream digital magazine, ‘Inspire Spectrum’ with written, video and podcast content on Economics, cars, Cricket, literature, food history and inspiring success stories, to name a few.

Previously, Bijetri was a banking and finance lawyer and a law lecturer before venturing into research and edutech in the fields of Economics, development, sustainability, climate change and trade. 

Bijetri has also published two of her debut fictions in May this year, ‘Journey to the 10th Dimension,’ which is a collection of sci fi and thriller short stories and ‘The Enemy Within’ which is an espionage thriller.



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