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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Andrew Cormack (Computer and Communications (DL) LLM, 2015)

Andrew describes a new legal framework that helps universities, colleges, and others, make safe and effective use of data.


Andrew Cormack

Andrew (Computer and Communications (DL) LLM, 2015) works for Jisc, helping universities and colleges make safe and effective use of data and technology. Since completing his LLM he has developed and published a new legal framework for reusing observed data to improve processes, referred to as ‘analytics’. This splits what was previously considered a single activity into five stages: collection, analysis, improvement (all conducted by the institution), donation and intervention (in collaboration with the student).

Separating these, and applying an appropriate data protection legal basis to each, makes clear that the institution has primary responsibility for the safety of what it is doing and must address possible impacts on all individual rights and freedoms. Decisions are only passed to students when they can make meaningful individual choices.

The model opens up a much wider range of general guidance from law and regulators; Jisc has also used it to develop specific guidance and tools. This includes using data to improve institutions’ teaching provision (‘learning analytics’ and ‘curriculum analytics’); to improve wellbeing, where Jisc participated in the first round of the UK Information Commissioner’s regulatory sandbox; and ‘intelligent campus’, using sensors and data in physical spaces.

The model is described in this short video, where you can also find links to Andrew’s journal papers and the three Codes of Practice.



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