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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Amicus Curiae

CCLS in Paris is working with Amicus Curiae to provide students with the opportunity to contribute to their Amicus Info initiative.

Anastasia Simonova

CCLS in Paris is working with Amicus Curiae to provide students with the opportunity to contribute to their Amicus Info initiative. The aim is to inform as well as decipher and analyze legal issues in a way accessible not just to lawyers, but to the general public also. It is a great chance for students to learn how to explain the law to non-lawyers, to improve their language skills and to learn how to tell a legal story in a different way. It also helps to keep them posted about the most recent legal news. A number of current and former LLM in Paris students contribute blog articles on diverse topics of global interest.

Anastasia Simonova (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2019) (in the photo) talks about her involvement with Amicus Project:

Thalia Rose Coleman-Bélanger (International Business Law LLM, 2020) and I were students of the LLM in Paris in 2018-2019, but now we continue our contribution to this project as editors. It is very much a student – alumni shared endeavour. We really appreciate the opportunity to feel connected with our alma mater and to contribute to the activities of new students

When did you first get involved with the Amicus project?

It was in October, 2018. I was very excited about the beginning of a new era in my life, and tried to participate in as many activities as possible. 

What drew you to the idea?

I really loved the idea of sharing some recent legal news in my jurisdiction and thought that it is a great idea to learn how to write like a journalist. We do so many academic papers, but the skill to provide information in an easy way, like you are telling a story is very important.

Why did you decide to continue after graduating?

I found the Amicus project very helpful for my life and career.  I am teaching private international law for non-lawyers.  I also work in a bank and have a lot of communication with the business department. The skill to describe the legal facts in an easy way helps me every day. Moreover, it keeps me connected with QMUL. I believe that my university year in QMUL was the best year in my life and my involvement with Amicus keeps me connected with it. 

How do you find the time?

I think that if you love what you do, you are always able to find the time. It is just a matter of self-discipline and dedication. It is not easy, but this is worth it.

What is it like being an editor as much as a writer?

Being an editor for me means to inspire. I think that my role is to encourage students to write about something that deeply touches them. I try to give them as much freedom as I can, to make them believe in their talent and to share their ideas freely. As a writer, you mainly concentrate on your particular blog post, on the information and the right way to present it. Being an editor is mainly about the communication and inspiration. I just want all the writers to enjoy the process.



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