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CCLS China Chapter Launch

CCLS China Chapter Launch IoannisOn Thursday 20th May, the CCLS China Chapter was launched with an online welcome event. Professor Ioannis Kokkoris (Chair in Competition Law and Economics) welcomed the start of the Chapter. Dr Bernard Schneider (Senior Lecturer in International Tax Law) and the academic associated with it as he has a particular interest in the Chapter also spoke. Other staff present was Christine Zhou (Head of Business Development and Programme Management (International) who knows so many of the Chinese alumni.

Dr Schneider said ‘Our Chinese students and the China alumni Chapter are really important for CCLS, and I look forward to helping the chapter flourish’.

Judge Wang Fu (Law and Finance MSc, 2020) shared 'I have been serving as a Judge for about 20 years and am in charge of a division in the Shanghai Financial Court. In 2019, I studied at CCLS as a Chevening scholar, which gave me a unique experience. The education I received at CCLS was rewarding because it taught me many things that I continue to use in my judicial career. For example, now I have a better understanding of common law, so I can comfortably handle financial cases in which the governing law is English law. I am glad to be here at this launch event and to share what we have been doing and see old friends. It will be great when we can organise in person events and some CCLS Professors can come to China.'

Zhirou Li (Regulation and Compliance MA, 2019; Law and Economics LLM, 2020) shared ‘Whilst studying my Master’s degrees at CCLS, I was also the course rep and participated in the Mentoring schemes. I had a very good time here, CCLS witnessed my progress and made me more confident and proactive. I met brilliant academics and friends at CCLS, who are always so kind to provide generous support for my study and career development. I was also impressed by the dedication and achievement of the Professors. My career goal is to be an academic and I am applying on the Queen Mary PhD programme. I am very honoured to be on the CCLS China Chapter Committee. I am looking forward to working with my dear colleagues and the CCLS Alumni Team.'

Jing Mi (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2018) said: ‘It is a great pleasure and honor to be here today and meet alumni virtually. I still remember prior to my joining CCLS that I had the pleasure in meeting with Christine and other Professors.

CCLS was a great treasure for me. The dissertation topics in particular as I spent a lot of time working on patent law. After graduating, I did another Masters in Singapore and I came back to China as an intern, which I recently completed. I did not expect to meet Queen Mary alumni at work. My associate studied at CCLS around 20 years ago! I also met colleagues based in Geneva. It will be a great pleasure to meet CCLS alumni in person soon.’

Mr Bo Gao (Simon) (Law and Finance MSc, 2014) shares: ‘At CCLS, I received a top-tier education and comprehensive support including career guidance. After graduation, the reputation of CCLS did help me with job hunting and career development. It is my great honour and pleasure to be part of the CCLS China Chapter. I very much look forward to what we will achieve together in the future!’

Qitong Tang (Shelly) (Art, Business and Law LLM, 2019) said ‘I took some of my courses with Dr Bernard Schneider so it is nice to see him again at this event. After I graduated from CCLS, I stayed in the UK and I now work as a research analyst for Chambers and Partners; I research on lawyers and law firms in Asia-Pacific, with a focus on the Greater China Region. I am happy to be present at this launch event.’

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