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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Prashant Tahiliani shares his experience of one of the CCLS alumni benefits


Prashant Thailiani

The Careers Service at CCLS is terrific. Right from the moment a postgraduate starts their LLM, support is provided at every level. A student’s CV can be reviewed and invaluable recommendations are made by the Careers Team to ensure that the student can be successful in their chosen area of interest. After graduation, further support is provided by the Careers Team, giving the alum the opportunity to prepare for mock interviews and the knowledge to handle difficult questions about their work experience and education.

I finished my LLM in Tax Law during the middle of the pandemic in August 2020, when opportunities had vanished from the global labour market and there was a hiring freeze. Despite these tremendous challenges, the CCLS Careers Team provided me with the required support, guiding me on each step in the application process and moreover, reassuring me that there are better days ahead. Afua Kudom, Careers Consultant for the School of Law, whom I had consulted during my University, is magnificent. She helped me to fight this challenging period in my life by giving solid advice on how to penetrate the difficult job market and at times, gave me some really invaluable personal advice so that I remained positive, which is key for finding success.

I cannot describe in words my gratitude to the Careers Team at CCLS and especially to Afua. I would recommend every alum, who is serious about exploring opportunities after their graduation, to get in touch with the Careers Team at CCLS. They will guide you and ensure that you take the right steps!


Prashant Tahiliani (Tax Law LLM, 2020)

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