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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Indonesia Chapter

The CCLS Indonesia Chapter exists to create an alumni community for networking and socialising opportunities, by bringing alumni from different year groups and specialisms together. 

The Chapter was initially set up with the help of Antonius Alexander Tigor (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2017) and Firdausi Firdaus (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2013), and is now being run by a committee of alumni who will plan and organise activities.

Chapter events organised by the committee are advertised on the CCLS Alumni Events page. Updates on recent events which have taken place can be accessed from the past event listings.

Past events include:




You can join and get involved in the Chapter via the Queen Mary Network. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the CCLS Indonesia Chapter; it will be a great opportunity for the CCLS community in Indonesia to keep in touch and network more locally.
— Antonius Tigor, Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2017

There is also a WhatsApp group, to which you can request access from the CCLS Alumni Team.

Reunions and events

It is hoped future activities will include:

  • An e-reunion (for all alumni across generations)
  • An introduction for CCLS students to join the Indonesia Chapter
  • A Webinar Legal and Policy Discussion Series (this will be organised annually in the first instance with different topics and speakers)

If you have any suggestions about activities that you might like to see organised in Indonesia, please email Chapter lead Firdausi Firdaus.

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