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Mary Rizk (Laws LLM, 2018)

 Mary Rizk (Laws LLM, 2018)

Co-Founder, Team DIMA Global

Country: UK

Mary is the co-founder of Team DIMA Global, a community organisation that helps build schools, homes and toilets for underprivileged children around the world as well as run health and educational programmes. Throughout the pandemic Mary helped to accelerate the feeding program in Kenya by making sure that over 520 students in the partner schools were fed every month. She also made sure that the most underprivileged families received food boxes throughout lockdown. Mary is currently working on a project - ‘It’s Normal’ - a period poverty campaign to help provide 365 days of sanitary pads to girls in Kenya.

Having obtained an LLM from Queen Mary University of London, Mary gained a wealth of knowledge which has aided her in understanding the various ways in which she can improve the lives of others. Specifically, Mary studied the International Child Rights module, where she understood the importance of providing an equal opportunity of education for underprivileged children. Furthermore, studying modules such as International Criminal Law and State Crime taught Mary important international legal issues and as such, influenced her desire to become a barrister. Most importantly, QMUL is very culturally diverse which meant that Mary made amazing friends from all around the world and later utilised those connections in order to expand her volunteering work.

Mary’s work does not just stop in Kenya, she has taken up projects in Malaysia, Lebanon, South Korea, Ecuador and India. For example, in Lebanon, after the Beirut blast, she helped raise £5000 in ten days. This meant that Team DIMA Global could distribute over 250 food boxes to families who were directly impacted by the blast. In India, for example, she works closely with NGO's on opening a digital Education and skill Development centre as well as the 'Its Normal', period poverty campaign. Mary is always looking for any opportunity to make a difference and it is clear she is making her mark with the work she has carried out.

Mary has also been writing articles, campaigning for justice and raising awareness on several human rights issues. The world needs strong women like Mary who help uplift communities!

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