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Kuseme Iseh (International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2021)

 Kuseme Iseh (International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2021)

Legal Officer, Nigeria Governor’s Forum

Country: Nigeria

Kuseme is a resilient, hardworking, and selfless individual who dedicates most of her time and resources in helping a community of young individuals who are keen to commence or make progress with their academic pursuits.

Her dedication over the past year and the effort and time she put into providing helpful content is most significant as she combined this with completing an intensive LLM at CCLS in the middle of a pandemic alongside the attendant, physical and mental pressures that came with it.

She was nevertheless consistent, and the impressive feedback shows how much of an impact she has had on her community.

Kuseme continuously provides helpful content for her community through most social media outlets. With a combined count of over 6,000 followers on YouTube and Instagram, she relentlessly produces insightful contents and resources to her online community who continuously speak to how impactful her activities are in helping them navigate their academic career paths.

During her LLM at CCLS (2020/2021), Kuseme dedicated a significant portion of her time in helping and guiding prospective applicants for the Chevening Scholarship. Through her help, a significant portion of her mentees were selected for the scholarship, and they are now in the UK completing their master programs.

Furthermore, during the same period, Kuseme was a willing volunteer for Queen Mary University and she never passed up on any opportunity to promote the activities of the University through her social media channels. She was a QMUL global alumni volunteer officer wherein she amongst other things: actively promoted Alumni Engagement team activities on all social media pages and partook in offer holder webinars; developed written and video content for Alumni Engagement social media pages; communicated with more than 100 alumni, prepared 10+ alumni profiles, obtained over 30 testimonials from alumni and current CCLS students. She also coordinated online discussion session with all alumni on Instagram and received an impressive turnout and commendable feedback for the event.

Although she has a very significant online impact, her activities transcend beyond her online presence as she equally played an important role in bringing people together.

Whilst she was studying in the midst of a pandemic and with the restrictions in place at that time, networking and meeting new people was significantly more difficult. Kuseme reached out and connected with people to form a support bubble for fellow students to combat possible mental health issues as a result of studying online. Through her actions, she was able to bring together and form an active group of Nigerians studying at QMUL, initially for those residing at Aspire point but subsequently extended to Nigerians across the University, who eventually became a support group for one another. As a result, it was easier for students to study and attend academic activities while equally having a safe space wherein students could discuss their challenges and find helpful solutions. Without Kuseme’s proactive efforts, a significant number of Nigerian students studying at QMUL at the time would have found it impossible to function under the circumstances at that time. They almost certainly would not have been celebrating their graduation on the 21 January 2022.

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