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Virtual Careers Fair

Join us on 26th June for our Virtual Careers Fair - and meet a variety of employers! 

Careers Fairs are an excellent way for students to hear what companies have on offer. Students can talk to different employers and gain an understanding of what their jobs entail or the different roles available.

A virtual career fair is an online version of the traditional career fair – and in the same way, you can ‘meet’ and interact with employers in one place.

This is a great opportunity for you to explore each organisation, engage with employers and gain insider knowledge. 

This event will suit a finalist who is graduating in the summer of  2024 and looking for an opportunity.


Sign up for the Virtual Careers Fair here!


Top tips for the fair:

1. Research the Employers

It is a good idea to research the employers beforehand to get an idea of which ones could be of most interest to you during the event. You can then make a plan of where you want to go first.

2. Check Your Tech

Log on before the start time, to make sure that everything is working as it should. Make sure that you have a good internet connection, and you're using the latest internet browser version.

Using a tablet on a stand, a laptop or a PC allows you to be seen more easily when you are asked to have a video chat. Make sure whatever device you use, it has enough charge.

3. Attire and Surroundings

You do not need to suit up, but it is a good idea to wear something smart.

Make sure that wherever you are attending the virtual fair from it is quiet and you are not likely to be disturbed, and that the background is neutral where possible.

4. Connect

When you are in conversation with an employer, it is a good idea to discuss the next steps with them. They might suggest that you apply for an advertised role or give you some direction on what to expect.

Offer to send through your CV and ask if they would be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn.

 5. Apply for Roles

If you have found some interesting opportunities, then apply for them as soon as you can after the fair.

Getting straight into the application demonstrates enthusiasm and will get the recruitment process started straight away.


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