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Careers and Enterprise

Sector themed Weeks

We know that students take a sector-based approach to their career thinking, so we are putting on sector-themed weeks throughout the Autumn term. Please see below for more information...


Careers in Legal: 9th - 13th October

Legal Week brings together a broad range of Law Firms, Chambers and QMUL alumni to provide an overview of the profession, and how to enter into it. See below for our events this week...

Attending Legal Week sessions will help you with:

  • Understanding the solicitor v barrister route
  • What type of law firm or barristers chambers would be best suited to you
  • Hear from QMUL alumni who have gone on to secure vacation schemes and training contracts
  • Upskill you with important skills that will help you in the recruitment process

Legal week sessions are open to all law and non law students to attend.

To find out more about careers in law, have a look at our 'Getting into Law' guide!

Finance Week: 9th - 13th October

This week will shine a light on the different career opportunities within the finance sector. With spotlights on fintech and investment banking, as well as a panel made up of a broad range of finance professionals, this week’s events will help you determine where your interests fall and how to prepare yourself for a career in this industry.

Finance week sessions are open to all students to attend.

To find out more about careers in finance and banking, read our sector guide!

Professional Services Week: 9th to 13th October

The Professional Services sector is one of the biggest employers in the UK, but what exactly is professional services, and how can you gain a professional qualification? Attend our ‘Professional Services Uncovered’ and ‘Professional Qualifications Explained’ sessions to hear from industry experts and break down these questions.

Professional services week sessions are open to all students to attend.


Sustainability Week: 23rd to 26th October

Are you interested in a career within sustainability? Our sustainability panels are for you. Whether you are curious to hear about sustainability focussed roles within organisations you wouldn’t normally expect, or you would like to become a sustainable practitioner, we have insights and career paths to help inspire you to reach your goals.

Sessions are open to all students to attend.

To prepare for this week's events, why not read our 'Environment and Sustainability' sector guide?

Engineering, Technology and Healthcare Week: 30th October to 3rd November

Do you study a STEM subject? Are you interested in a career in Tech, Engineering? Does MedTech sector excite you?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, our range of employer led networking and panel sessions across this week are for you. This week will enable you to meet a broad range of employers looking to employ Women in STEM, as well as finding out more about alternative healthcare careers.

Sessions are open to all students to attend.

We encourage you to check out our sector guides on Engineering, Technology and Healthcare in advance.

Public Sector Week: 6th to 10th November

Bringing together a diverse range of organisations dedicated to training and developing graduates on stimulating and fulfilling training programmes, designed to set you up for a rewarding career in frontline public services.

Sessions are open to all students to attend.

Check out our guide to the public sector before you come along to an event.

Charity Week: 6th to 10th November

The series of events across this week will focus on providing an overview of the charity sector, helping you to understand the types of roles available within the not-for-profit space, as well as local volunteering opportunities that will make an impact and help build your transferrable skills.  

Sessions are open to all students to attend.

Learn all about the charity sector by reading our sector guide!

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