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School of Business and Management

QM Social Venture Fund

The School of Business and Management is home to the first student-led social impact venture capital fund investing in student-led social ventures in the UK. 

It takes start-ups of all shapes and sizes to tackle the challenges in our society today.

We are launching a student led social impact venture fund focusing on “start-ups for good”. This new initiative aims to provide support to student and recent graduate entrepreneurs from a diverse background.

Built by students and invest in student-led social enterprises, this fund is the first such fund in the UK. The initiative aims to enhance entrepreneurial learning as well as foster long-term social impact. It offers students the opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills with support from industry mentors and faculty members. Our student VCs advise and invest in real-life early-stage start-ups with a social mission.

This is part of QM social-impact driven student consultancy programme - SKETCH (Student Knowledge Exchange Through Community Hubs). Read the press release and find out more about the programme.

  • Applications for the SBM student VC positions are now open. Our student VCs will be responsible for advising fellow students, conducting company analysis, evaluating start up pitches, building networks and more. 
  • Applications for start-up funding for social ventures will open in summer 2020.


Find out why you should apply for the Social Venture Fund

“We aim to empower the next generation of social entrepreneurs and investors from a diverse background. The fund is an exciting opportunity for our students to develop their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, build their networks and make a real difference in our society.”
— Dr Joanne Zhang, Director of the Entrepreneurship Hub
Working with the student VC fund has been an amazing experience, getting to know investors, entrepreneurs and venture capital from a different perspective. Dr Joanne Zhang is really focused and oriented towards improving the internship experience. I totally recommend it.
— Marcos Souto Ulloa, MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2020)