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School of Business and Management

Investment strategy

We run the competition twice a year (December and June), and we accept applications on a rolling basis. The QM Social venture fund makes an equity Students participating in workshopinvestment of £15,000 in the winning social venture, and provides ongoing support post-investment.

Who: Start-ups where at least one founder is:

- A current student (i.e.UG, PG, PhD, Postdoc)

- A recent graduate (been registered as a student in the past three years);

Where: Start-ups are located in the greater London area, UK. We also consider applications If you are a recent graduate of a London university and the start-up is currently based outside London.

Investment focus: Early-stage for-profit social enterprises, i.e. Social impact is at the core of the business, not just a by-product.

Our impact investments are made with the intention of generating measurable, beneficial social or environmental outcomes in addition to a financial return.  Ventures selected for investment are expected to grow their impact alongside financial performance.

Apply here.