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Become a Student VC

We asked some of the current Student VC cohort what they’ve gained from this programme – and why current first and second year students should get involved!

Thinking of applying for the 2021-2022 cohort? Follow the Student VC application guidance [PDF 189KB] to apply by Sunday 3 October 2021, 11.59pm.

Becoming a Student VC

As a Student VC, you will learn by doing. The programme offers training to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to jumpstart your venture capital journey, with support from industry mentors and faculty members.

Muhammad Ibrahim Razi

BSc Accounting and Management, final year

Muhammad Ibrahim RaziBeing a part of the Social Venture Fund has been an experience that is second-to-none. I have had the opportunity to meet remarkable individuals with innovative ideas and businesses across London. The SVF opportunity has offered the ability to analyse and dissect financials, projections, goals and the history of the various start-ups to make investment recommendations. As someone who is interested within the financial services space and is an aspiring entrepreneur, through meeting student founders I have been able to conduct in-depth due diligence, company analysis, including business model, market sizing and competitive research to evaluate start-up pitches. This has enabled me to adopt techniques to identify business trends and analyse implications for the present and future. This experience has also impressed upon me the ability to apply theories and concepts that I have learned in my undergraduate degree, and see results come into fruition. Through working with a team of over 13 individuals I have witnessed and contributed towards the collaborative discussions surrounding specialist expertise, focused and idea-driven solutions. I believe I am in a better position in terms of employability and confidence after being a part of the SVF at Queen Mary. We have learned key concepts and theories from seasoned experts within the VC space and have been able to implement them in our sourcing and investment rounds. To anyone that wishes to broaden their network and truly experience what it means to be a VC, this opportunity is not one to miss.

Simone Ferretti

BSc Business Management, second year

Simone FerrettiIt has been an incredible experience throughout the entire year. I particularly enjoyed the course at the beginning of the first semester with Jamie, who really taught us the basics of being a venture capitalist. I’ve been into the start-up world since couple of years, but I didn’t know the details from an investor perspective such as evaluating the process of new ventures or understanding a completely new market by doing some basic research. The course gave me a solid understanding on how to look for strategic signals in new start-ups, which allowed me to find founders and talk to them about this investment opportunity. A disappointing factor was the no-response from several entrepreneurship departments in some London Universities. After messaging at least 10 of them, only 1 got back to me saying that they’d sponsor the competition among their students. I’d say great learning experience.

My favourite part of the whole program has been organising the QMSVF forum (part 1) where we were challenged by the upcoming deadline and various responsibilities. Thanks to Fezzan we managed to pull out a great event despite the low number of participants. It doesn’t happen often that you become in charge of creating an online event. From finding and talking to the panel, to organising an entertaining quiz using and much more.

To conclude, I think this experience inside the QMSVF really enhanced my communication skills while talking to the team and to outsiders. I Learnt how to conduct an “interview” and how to evaluate a start-up at 360°. Huge thank you to Joanne and Fezzan. I highly suggest this program to anyone interested in entrepreneurship. 

Stacey Kanor

MSc Accounting and Management

Stacey KanorBeing involved in the Queen Mary Social Venture Fund has developed my verbal communication skills via speaking to co-founder of start-up companies discussing their business idea of the product/ service they provide. Furthermore, my written communication skills have improved as we created a script for an event we hosted regarding Social Impact, Outcome, Evaluation and Value, which also developed teamwork.  The intense venture capital training in the beginning of the course gave me the basic knowledge of how to make a wise investment. I have become very organised as I built the skill of setting up meetings, capturing meeting notes, and providing feedback of actions that have taken place in meetings.

It has also enhanced my technical/theory knowledge and understanding of my course MSc Accounting and Management, for example to do due diligence on a company and conducing company analysis. This has given me confidence to elaborate on several topics in interviews for jobs in the Finance sector such as cash flow, profit and loss statement and balance sheet.  Plus, it has allowed me to understand the business market of what is popular and build my professional network on LinkedIn with social entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Mai Nguyen

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Mai NguyenI joined Queen Mary Social Venture Fund from September 2020, right after I enrolled on the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme. SVF’s activities significantly support my studies with the module “Strategic Entrepreneurship”. I had the chance to reflect fundamental knowledge of entrepreneurship into reality when taking part interesting and practical training workshops, events and competition of SVF. If the module brought me the theories from startup’s perspective, the training course of Creator Fund gave me extensive knowledge from the investor’s point of view. This is a perfect combination which could facilitate your career path of entrepreneurship in the future. Additionally, while as a student investor, I had chance to communicate with talented student startups in London and understand thoroughly how they turned their business ideas into reality and overcame challenges to thrive in the extremely competitive market. This would be the greatest experience in my student life. Additionally, I could earn the sense of ownership when I and my team organized events by ourself, coordinating various stakeholder, working on the agenda and hosting the event. We also received great support from the mentors to whom we were connected by the Director and staff from SVF. They are leading experts from different industries and have enormous experiences working in and with startups. In short, this was an incredible and valuable opportunity that I had in Queen Mary.